Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old Gold Cap!

It has finally happened! Earlier this morning, at around 10am EST, I retrieved the last copper that pushed me past the old gold cap of 214,748 gold, 36 silver, and 48 copper.

So what to do next? Reach the current gold cap, of course! Short term, however, I'll probably sink more gold into the current speculation that Volatile Life will boom in price (bought 3 stacks of 200 Friday night at around 6g a piece). My personal speculation is that I can leech gold off of the next DMF by getting cheap Blackfallow Ink and trading it forInferno Ink. I'm still trying to get more and more Shadowspirit Diamonds (three stacks is not nearly enough!), and I might buy a few more DMC to flip (got a Hurricane Deck for 12k, hopefully can get a couple more around that price). Vanity items wise, I'm finally getting 310% flying! I feel like such a scrub on my Sandstone Drake, still going at 280%, but seeing how little I fly around, I just couldn't justify the 4k or whatever for ~30% extra speed. But now I really have no excuse. I might pick up one or both of the Hodir mammoths, as I've always liked them and I get bored of the ground mounts I do have (still noRaven Lord). I'm also eyeing a few more BoE epics, even though I keep telling myself not to buy more (I've easily spent close to 200k on BoE epics for my main and offspec). I don't get to raid much (or ever), so on one hand, getting that geared it pointless if I can't do anything with it, but on the other, this ensures I'll be capable when I can raid, and ready for the next major patch when it hits. Plus, purples are awesome.

And that's pretty much it for now! I'll leave everyone with a screenshot of My Sales from the past 2 or 3 weeks (not sure when I installed it, and I can't seem to do the cool "weekly" or "daily" sales things). I'm sure that most of you have somewhat similar sales, but if anything catches your eye and you'd like me to elaborate, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. First off, big gratz on the target :)

    Second - if you type /ms config you can change the number of days it shows. I zero'd 1 alt by recording per alt (so it starts fresh on that alt) so I could keep better track of my JC profits but her sales then don't show up in my bankers tally which is per server. I think it was Stede put a link up on how to get the data out of the .lua file into excel so I just add the two back together later :)

    Third - I can't believe some of the prices on your server!! 2h weapon - mighty agi sells for about 100g if I'm lucky & greater celestials are anywhere from 35-55g :(

  2. Ahh, interesting. I've tried messing with that, but it didn't seem to be retroactive, so I just figured it was broken. I'll try to set it to daily / weekly tomorrow or Tuesday. It'd be interesting to see how much I can pull in on a Tuesday night.

    And yes, I guess I am pretty lucky with scroll prices! Mighty Agi, Hurricane, Avalanche, and even sometimes Mending and Heartsong sell well above mat costs now. I've been testing out some of the non-weapon Cata enchants, but as of now, +15 stats seems to be the only one worth doing. But as for the GCE, those prices aren't *exactly* reflective of the current market, which is actually about 35-45g right now. That data is a few weeks old, back when I could easily get 60g per, and I've also been selling in stacks of 5 or 10, which tends to throw off MS. I also haven't been selling too many enchanting mats, as I've been using most of my gems for SS diamonds. So yes, don't be envious of the GCE, but do envy my server's scroll prices! :)

  3. gg!
    Scrolls above their mats price? Incredible!
    My enchanter would be so happy... But sooner or later the stacks of scrolls I stocked will start to have some value.