Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Last Sunday, at approximately 5:30 PM EST, I collected the last bit of gold from my mailbox to hit the elusive one million gold!

Here are some screens from my MS stats to show you more or less how I did it. I haven't cleared MS since I installed it mid-January, so this is basically all of what I've sold.

Sorted by Number Sold:

Sorted by Money Made:

Sorted by Money per Sale

So yeah! That's kinda it. I think what pushed me past the cap was a few days of really great glyph sales. The market had more or less reset after my little experiment, and the insane amount of cheap herbs meant my profits were huge. And having my main competitor who seemed to pretty much camp the AH go MIA meant I basically controlled glyphs for a few days. I kinda slowed down on gems, mostly because I had prospecting (but milling's alright for some reason...). But I've been getting more and more in to the twink scroll market. Charging about 1k per scroll for the BiS weapon chants, and they sell. Cheap Maelstrom Crystals means cheaper to produce Landslide enchants, so I've been messing with that a bit too. Other than what you see on these screen caps, I can't think of anything particularly important. 

Where do I go from here? Not really sure right now. I'm kinda done with the whole gold making stuff for now. I've more than I really know what to do with, and it's been getting more and more tedious to keep up with things. I'm thinking of slowly going through my stock, not buying anything more, just using what I have, and then retiring to a fancy island off of Azshara. Though I'm sure the goblin in me will bounce back around 4.2 to capitalize on new PvP gear.

The dilemma I'm facing now though, is whether or not to actually start spending all this gold! On the one hand, I'd like to get all the vendor mounts now, but on the other, I don't really want to go back below one million. Doesn't make much sense, that's for sure. What's the point in having all this gold if you don't spend it? I'm assuming once the initial novelty of being a WoW millionaire wears off I'll start dropping gold left and right. But for now I think I'll just revel in it.


  1. WOOP WOOP! BIG GRATZ MATE :) & yes,I know I'm shouting, that's how happy I am for you. If you don't want to drop below the mil then just work a few more days & hey presto, mounts sorted.

    Are you/have you submitted your warcraft econ interview? Would love to have a read :)

  2. Haha, thanks Nev. I think making a bit more is what I'll do. Already up 25k since Sunday. As for WoW Econ, I have an interview up for 500k. Might do one for 1mil, though there's not much to add to the 500k interview. Same stuff, just over a longer period of time :)

  3. Grats fraternal goblin...

    A true member of high society...

    Awesome to see another make it to the million marker

  4. Congrats Vince! It's been nice to see your continued success in the gold game! Get 'cha your cap and gown, it's time to walk the aisle for graduation!

  5. Awesome! Congrats!
    Stupid question, though - what's MS Stats? B/c I liiiiike it

  6. Thanks guys!

    And anon, MS = MySales. A pretty awesome addon that tracks your sales.