Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flipping Rare Weapons

Hiya friends! I'm using this study break to bring y'all a random tip that you might find useful. Something I've recently taken up on my odds'n'ends bank alt is flipping rare weapons. Pretty simple tactic to do, and tends to bring in a semi-decent amount of gold. A nice supplement for established goblins, and a great way to earn some extra coin if you're just starting out.

So what to do? Just go to your local AH, go to the default search UI, limit the search to "rare" quality weapons level 70 and below, hit search, and sort by lowest bid amount! I'll usually buy any weapon that's listed at 20g or below, and bid on anything with a 10g bid or lower (if it's not within my buying threshold, of course). I've set up a little TSM group for all the weapons I snatch too. 48hr post, 100g fallback, ~30g or something threshold (not sure on that, rarely matters anyway). As vendor prices on most sub-60 weapons are pretty low, you're not losing much in deposit costs. The 100g default is a pretty fair price too, as that's a pittance for most players right now, and you're mainly catering to people leveling alts who want some nice blue gear.

I was a bit skeptical that this would work when I first started it. After all, doesn't everyone have BoA weapons now? Well, apparently not! I'd say I sell ~5 weapons a week. Not a huge amount, but certainly worth the negligible time and effort it takes to do this! You'd be surprised at how many people sell world drop rares for next to nothing, or even better, don't understand how to price the bid (I often find weapons with a 50g+ buyout, and a 4g bid). You can also do this for epic weapons (I'll buy almost anything for 100g, post for 500g minimum), though they move a lot slower and the deposit costs are higher.


  1. Vince,

    This is habit everytime I hit the AH, and has been a great supplemental since Auctioneer hit the add-on shelf quite some time ago. In fact, this is the only reason I keep that add-on in my pile, as the reselling is all about Auctionator.

    As an FYI, I do this manual search on each page (as Auctioneer only searches by % per page, not per grouping).

    Weapons, then Armor, then Recipies, finally Misc and Quest. Every time I hit the AH, this is done, and it only takes a minute or two to fly through them (watch out for engineering and tailoring only items in Misc, and Quest is mainly for Darkmoon Cards).

    I don't put a limit on item level, I "snatch" anything that is below 20%, with going up to 40% on some 81 and above for the more rare items. The 81's move fairly quickly, so I don't mind a lesser profit margin.

    If you want a bit more detailed info, just search Auctioneer over at my blog.

  2. I used to be a rare gear collector, having not enough money for epics. Now the money are easier to earn at higher lvls (250g or so just from dailies) I think I can liquidate at a pretty good price. Thx for the tip Vince!

  3. Kimuriel - BonechewerMay 19, 2011 at 2:36 AM

    I currently control the rare arms and armor market on my server, at least on Alliance side. It is how I make a lion's share of my gold, and is very simple. I know the prices people will pay for virtually every rare or epic weapon or piece of armor. I have very little competition, as I can either undercut anyone or buyout their stock. I may not be a millionaire on WoW, but I have enough gold to buy whatever I want, and to enjoy many things in WoW. Auctioneering is possibly my favotite thing to do when I log on, or maybe its checking the mailbox. One big market youre missing out on is the 70-85 gear, I make a lot of gold on this bracket, especially on the Cataclysm epics. If you can find them cheap, or the ones which are in high demand for a reasonable price you can flip them and make 20,000g+ on a single transaction.

  4. Yeah, I've thought about getting in to flipping higher level stuff, and I might now that I'll be slowing down on the crafting side. I like the low level rare weapons simply because it's such a small-risk, decent-reward market. Part of my problem in flipping the higher level stuff is not knowing what people will pay for them. That's an excellent point I'll have to consider. Definitely seems like a fun market to get in to, so I'll start doing some research. Thanks!

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