Saturday, April 2, 2011

You'll Feel Right as Rain!

I was poking around on WoWhead looking at the latest additions to the PTR, and found an interesting little gem that could provide a nice income boost. "You'll Feel Right as Rain" is a new achievement that requires you to eat 91 Chocolate Cookies. Chocolate Cookies are made by cooks and it takes one Simple Flour (buyable from vendors for a negligible amount) and one Cocoa Beans (also buyable from vendors for next to nothing). So how is one to make money off of this? Simply by making a mess of cookies, throwing them on the AH, and barking in trade! Anyone remember Second That Emotion? People were paying pretty good money to complete this achievement when it was released. Though there are some discrepancies (Second That Emotion was required for the cooking meta, and took a bit more effort to make), I can imagine that the novelty factor of a new achievement should push a few sales. I'll probably try to make a few sets to sell for ~200g each. Expect to get a lot of competition if sales are decent and people start learning how easy they are to make, so this'll probably only make you gold during a very short window.

Thoughts on this?

EDIT: Apparently Cocoa Beans aren't buyable from vendors in the normal sense (despite what WoWhead lead me to believe), but they are contained in Imported Supplies. Imported Supplies will cost you one daily token, and has about 40 Cocoa Beans. So while this does limit the amount you can get to some degree, as any toon with the cooking skill can do the daily you can get about 2 stacks of Cocoa Beans per toon per day. So if trying to make gold off of this is appealing to you, start stockpiling some tokens!


  1. I know for Project Goblin was able to do a cooking daily at level 10 and buy a cooking supply bag for one cooking token which had cocoa beans in it. If the prices go up even a bit this could be nice for low levels.

  2. Since Cocoa beans are not currently buyable from vendors (except with using a token to buy a bag) each achievement will take a bit over two daily tokens (and so can't be farmed that much at the last minute, they should be reasonably profitable.

  3. Thanks Anon, I didn't research this as closely as I should have. WoWhead said Cocoa Beans are vendor items, but when I checked the actual vendor, none were to be had! However, you're quite right that the come from the bags worth one daily token. I've edited the post to reflect this.