Monday, March 14, 2011


So just a few minutes ago I broke the half-million barrier!

Here are a few follow up screens of my MySales stats if anyone's curious as to what I've been selling. Note that this is overall data since I installed MS probably around two months ago, because I can't get the "weekly / daily" feature to work for some reason, despite setting it to that constantly...

Most Sales

Most Gold per Sale

Biggest Earners

And just for fun, here's how much gold I've actually earned since installing MS:

Almost 1mill! But I only have 500k?! So where'd it all go? Well, aside from the very true saying, "you have to spend gold to earn gold," I have splurged on mounts and gear for my toons and my friends, so that definitely took out a large chunk of my capital. But still, pretty sweet to know I've actually "made" that much, even if I don't "have" that much.

Since I just finished writing a 16 page appellate brief, that's going to be all for now. Look for a much more lengthy post on the WoW Econ Hall of Fame in the next few days, once I muster the brain power to write again.


  1. Woo Hoooooooo! gratz Vince - I shall look forward to your interview :) next stop 1million I assume? lol

  2. By golly, everything on your server is at least twice as expensive as mine. I'd be lucky to have Mystic Amberjewels above 10g l0l