Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why Hello There!

So this is a preliminary post mostly about who I am, why I got into the whole auctioneering thing, and why I decided to make a gold blog even though there are already so many.

To start, I'm a first year law student, so in all honesty I really should be doing more productive things than playing WoW. And that leads right into why I got into the whole gold-making aspect of WoW. Law school is quite exhausting, but not quite as utterly time consuming as I had thought, so I got back into WoW as a nice temporary distraction. I didn't really have time for raiding in any real capacity, so I figured I might as well try my hand at the gold making business as it was much less time consuming. I had been reading Basil's blog "Gold Capped" for a while and I had become fascinated with the thought of being gold capped. I was on my 3rd 80, so I wasn't really strapped for cash or anything, it just seemed like an interesting new challenge; just another arbitrary number to see how high I could get. I started taking his advice and and after finding other gold blogs thanks largely to TUJ, I began using their advice as well. I began utilizing my professions to their fullest and just kept raking in more and more gold. In less than a month, I managed to go from hovering between 5k and 10k to over 60k with minimal effort and time. I started stockpiling for Cata, and just couldn't spend my gold faster than I could make it! (This is a tad exaggerated for effect, as I was a little more selective in my stockpiling than I could have been.) So now it's already 2 weeks after the launch of Cataclysm, I just bought myself 3 shiney new epics for my Shaman with the gold I've amassed, and I'm still raking it in every day. Though I'm certainly not as fabulously wealthy as some of the bloggers out there, I am quite proud of myself in my own way and I continue to enjoy this lesser known aspect to WoW.

As for why I created a blog, the answer is really simple. I love writing, and I love giving my opinion even when no one cares. A blog is a perfect mix of the two.

I hope whatever readers I might be able to bring in will enjoy reading what I have to say, and even more importantly, I hope I have things to say worth reading!

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  1. Welcome to the WoW Gold Blogging Community, Vince!